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Chennai, IN

Job description

Job Description

Were looking for candidates with 1-3 years of experience in the role of an Android Developer.

What you must have:

Passion to be a part of the Startup who are building something bigger than themselves

Basic working knowledge in Java & Android Development

People with pursuit and desire for self-improvement and learning

Ability to take responsibility and ownership of their roles and work through the challenges in a startup team

Key Skills:

Kotlin, Jetpack, Core Java & OOPS concepts

Bonus points if you have:

Familiarity with SDK Integrations, Gradle Build, Listeners, Adapters, Picasso, Firebase, Google Maps, Picasso, Push notifications, Glide, Networking, JSON structuring and working with REST APIs.

Experience in collaborating on software projects using Git-based Version Control Systems (FYI, we use Bitbucket).

Eye for great design and attention to detail + good understanding of the latest design principles and Android interface guidelines.

Strong Debugging skills.

Your typical week:

Building new modules, design and feature to our core Android project

Collaborate with backend engineers while adding features for our large-and-growing client base

Working with the Product Head to ideate, plan & design, features & integrations to be developed in the upcoming sprints.

If you,

Dont want to end up in the usual big old corporate IT sector, or

Want to learn new skills and technologies, or

Have interest and desire to become an entrepreneur/product manager in future and work in a startup to get experience, or

About the current team:

Were a team of passionate people working hard on creating the best Automated app builder in the world.

We love Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Superheroes, Movies & TV shows (especially pop culture), Cricket, Football & PubG.
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