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Seattle, WA, US

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How can we build talent pipelines to support Amazons growth? What is important for talent to be successful at Amazon? How can we better predict talent movement (promotions, transfers, attrition) and quantitatively identify the root causes? When does internal movement make the biggest impact on Amazon talent? These are among the most important questions at Amazon today.

As a Software Development Manager on the Worldwide Operations Talent Products Team you will have an opportunity to collaborate with a team of economists, applied research scientists, software development engineers, and data engineers in answering these questions and developing products for use by internal operations leaders to manage these insights at scale. This team will shape the strategic direction and inform talent decisions at the highest levels of Worldwide Operations, helping us to become the worlds most scientific and technically proficient Human Resource organization.

If you are a candidate who is passionate about helping those around you reaching their fullest human potential, if you see technology as a way to disrupt and re-imagine talent management processes and leverage modern software engineering techniques, then you may be the ideal person for this position.

Professional traits that are not unique to this position, but necessary for Amazon leaders:
· Exhibits excellent judgement
· Hires and develops great people
· Has relentlessly high standards (is never satisfied with the status quo)
· Is able to dive deep and is never out of touch with the details of the business or the technology
· Expects and requires innovation of her/his team
· Has passion and convictions and the innate ability to inspire passion in others
· Strong results orientation
· Thinks big
· Strong analytical skills, with excellent problem solving abilities
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills
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